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About us

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We are a family run company from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. For over 20 years, we have been cultivating and processing hemp. For almost 2 decades we have methodically been growing our business, flexibly adapting to ever-changing market needs. We owe our experience and knowledge to the guidance of Dutch experts. We are specialists in what we do and the family character of our company enables us to guarantee the best quality on every step of the production process.

Family values

Everything we do on a daily basis, we do in accordance with our values. We realize just how important quality of life and health is, which is why we put all the effort into our work, to deliver our clients the best quality and highest organic value of our products.

In the process of cultivating and processing, we only apply organic and natural solutions – without any additional chemical properties or harmful substances. That’s why our products remain fully organic, safe and healthy.

Den Hollander is a company you can trust

The pillar of our activity is honesty and customer care. Our contractors are of most importance to us. Every CBD oil or other hemp product manufactured by us undergoes strict laboratory testing. In the production process, we utilize our modern technical tools and flexibly adapt production to the needs and requirements of our clients. 

Other than our CBD and CBG oil product range, RAW and Dewaxed, as well as our complementary hemp products, we offer the service of extracting hemp using the supercritical CO2 method.

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We believe our attractive offer, as well as our healthy and humane approach to business, are the perfect pillars for undertaking mutually beneficial cooperation with you. If you want to s or enquire about a tailor-made offer, don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s talk about your needs.